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We’re Helping Veterans Establish A Business For Free In November

In honor of Veterans Day, we thought the month of November would be a great time to offer a Veteran Entity Formation Package to show our love and support for the ones who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.

There are many inspired “technical entrepreneurs” out there who are very good at what they do but may be anxious to set up a business and manage the daily operations. To help empower our technical entrepreneur veterans, Archuleta & Co. is providing free tools and entity formations to help qualified veterans either get their business off on the right path or restructure it to provide the most protection.As a veteran-owned business, we realized early on that company resources and tools available for veterans are very hard to come by. Even more discouraging is when you find such tools, you discover the majority of materials are primarily focused on doing business with the government only.

We are experienced business advisors, and our team has assisted several entrepreneurs by helping to mold their venture from an idea to a thriving business. In most cases, the first step to this process is the formation of an entity and the acquisition of the proper licenses. Depending on the type of business, this can become a tedious process.

In today’s world, most business are set up in some form of a corporation or partnership structure. If the business is set up and maintained properly, a Corporation (Inc) or Limited Liability Company (LLC) can provide a business owner and any partners with liability protection for their personal assets.

Unfortunately, many businesses misunderstand how these entities are to be run and therefore lose that corporate veil of protection. This discovery usually comes too late when a lawsuit or some form of liability has arisen.

At Archuleta & Co., our advisors are here to assist you with essential services that help keep your business running such as commercial insurance, accounting, health benefits, legal services and retirement planning.

Let our team put the protections in place to help bring your idea to life. Take this opportunity to make your dreams of owning a business come to reality.

Contact our office today at (916) 850-2424 to get started with our special Veteran Entity Formation Package!

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