Outsourced CFO Services

Knowing where your business stands financially is something that every business should know at any point in time, regardless of size. Many businesses in the early stages of the business cycle feel as if they cannot afford to take on a fully staffed accounting department to help them produce this type of data. Luckily, our team here at Archuleta & Co. has built a state-of-the-art outsourced CFO service that allows your business access to a team of trained accounting professionals and business advisors.

By joining our platform, you will advance your accounting department by years and have access to our streamlined accounting solutions. Some of our fully featured outsourced CFO solutions include access to online dashboards and real-time data, virtual accounts receivable and accounts payable portal, online payroll services, and management reporting. Because we know that all business is not alike, our solution is fully customizable to fit the specific financial needs of each one of our clients. Contact us today and see how we can transform your business and show you ways to increase your profits by up to 10-30%.

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CFO Services Included

General Ledger Management
Accounts Receivable
Budget Creation & Monitoring
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Monitoring
Internal Controls & Financial Policy Creation
Accounts Payable
Management Reporting
Cash Flow Management
Benchmarking & Analysis
Breakeven Analysis

"Our greatest value to our clients is helping them eliminate the pain points in their business, freeing up their time to do what they do best, growing their business."

So How Does This All Work?

Our team has developed a simple and streamlined process to help get your finance department on track and provide you with the important financial data you need to run and grow your business.

1. Inital Consultation

During our initial consultation, our advisors will dig deep into your company history, processes and plans for the future by asking you questions we have developed to best understand your business.

2. Onboarding

During the onboarding process, we will work with you and your team to get your company set up on our outsourced CFO platform. During this stage, our team will also outline what you can expect from our team as a member of our outsourced CFO platform, and we will express what expectations we have for you as a client. Lastly, we will set a date for our monthly financial review meeting and discuss what financial reporting information you would like to see at the review.

3. Data Integration & System Setup

During this stage, our advisor will set up your QuickBooks Online and Bill.com accounts and integrate any previous financial and accounting data you have. We will also link all of your financial accounts into these systems, so we can have a continuous stream of your financial data. Lastly, because we take protecting your sensitive information so seriously, we lock all your passwords and sensitive data into our bank-level encrypted vault for safe keeping.

4. Ongoing CFO Services

Now that everything is set up and ready to go, the import work begins. On an ongoing basis throughout the month, your advisor will work hard to keep your information up to date. This includes updating financial transactions, monitoring your key performance indicators (KPI), managing your accounts payable and receivable, among other important financial functions.

5. Monthly Financial Review

At the end of each month, your advisor will prepare your financial statement package for your review. This reporting package will be sent to you no less than 2 business days prior to your monthly review meeting, giving you time to review the data and prepare any necessary questions. During the review meeting, your advisor will highlight your key financial information, answer any questions you might have, and come up with a plan for the next 30-day period.

Archuleta & Co.'s team works with businesses from many different industries and of all sizes. Give us a call today at (916) 850-2424 to learn more about our platform, or click the button below to schedule a free consultation:

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