Group Health, Dental & Vision Packages

Our Group Health Insurance experts are here to assist you with all of your employee benefit needs. We best help our clients by giving them the tools to provide the best benefit package available to their employees, while managing and keeping overall costs to a minimum. With every new client we serve, our team uses a 3 step approach to ensure they will be getting the most out of your benefit packages.

Step 1 - Assessment

One of the most important pieces to building or restructuring any benefit program is the assessment. Our team will take data from your current benefit offering, the demographics of your employees, and the history of your claims, and compare it to both regional and national scales. Doing so gives our team insight into the overall health conditions of your employees, and how they utilize your benefit offerings.

Step 2 - Analysis

Next our team will perform a full-scale analysis to determine if your current plan is serving the needs of your employees at an effective cost, or if it would be better for our team to construct a custom health program which provides more value at a more reasonable cost.

Step 3 - Research

Now that that data crunching has been completed, our team will go out to our carriers to review rates and plans to see what the best fit would be for your employees and your budget. For employers who want to offer benefit heavy plans but have limited budgets, we look to alternative design and funding options to fund your plan. Lastly, before we present any options to our clients, we ensure that we have done our best to negotiate the best possible rates for your custom designed plan.

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Archuleta & Co.’s group benefits team will work diligently as your broker to ensure that you get the best of all options – controlling your costs, offering great benefits and keeping your employees happy and healthy!