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Ever Asked Yourself, “Should I Start A New Business?” Maybe You Should!

In case you didn’t know, May was Small Business Month. In our world though, every month is Small Business Month. To continue the celebration, we have created a series to inspire you to think about starting a new business.

First? Try this 10-minute activity to see if you can turn your skills into a career.

  1. Brainstorm: Take out a piece of paper and make a list of the things you’re most passionate about, what problems you think need solving and what you’re good at. This does not need to be concrete in any way; your thoughts just need to be written down so you have a base of ideas to start with. Keep writing until you run out of paper or your brain runs out of steam.
  2.   Analyze: Now that your brain has reached its maximum capacity, it is time to kick it into overdrive and do a little analyzing. Carefully look at each item that you wrote down individually, then ask yourself: If I were to do this everyday would I lose my mind, or would I feel like my life couldn’t get any better? Can I use this skill to help someone in some way, including myself? Do I think I can be my own boss? Can this idea give me the financial freedom I am looking for? Take note of the top three to five ideas that stand out to you the most.
  3.   Research: Once you have the ideas that made the final cuts, begin doing a little research. Where is the best place to start? Existing businesses that are providing that service or making that widget. Are there any? Do you think you could handle running a business like that? How could you improve on what those businesses are doing? Remember, unless you have a new invention on your hands, it’s not about recreating the wheel, it’s about making it better and developing a better experience for the end-user, the customer.

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Now that you have an amazing idea on your hands it is time to assess if you have what it takes to own and run a business. Take our “Am I Business Owner Material” quiz by clicking the link below to find out if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

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